GEO provides all the necessary design to fabricate your heat exchanger or replacement heat exchanger parts. With just the process data information, we can provide a thermal rating, sizing, and vibration analysis as well as a mechanical design including required detailed fabrication drawings.

Thermal analysis is performed using HTRI (Heat Transfer Research Inc.) and a thermal guarantee is provided when required. Mechanical design calculations are performed using the ASME Code, PVElite/CodeCalc, and RCS. Mechanical calculations use the current ASME stress allowable values for new components or pre-1999 stress allowable values for compatibility to older components.

After thermal and mechanical designs are complete, drawings are generated using a 3-D modeling program (Solidworks) ensuring compatibility with customer systems. The 3-D model will also be used to produce a tubesheet drill file for GEO’s CNC drills and for milling the pass partition grooves in the tubesheets. Drawings and calculations are checked, reviewed by GEO QC for Code compliance, sent for approval, and then released for fabrication. Along with drawings and calculations, other documentation, such as, Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS’s), Procedure Qualification Records (PQR’s), Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) procedures, Inspection and Test Plans (ITP’s), etc. are available for review or submittal for approval. To facilitate the best possible communication during fabrication, a GEO Production Coordinator is designated as the main point of contact with all questions, scope changes, schedules, etc. funneled through this GEO contact.